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Small/Medium Businesses

Tools for designing top-notch benefit programs

Not just any tools — power tools to help you compare clients’ benefits, review a range of benefit designs, determine how to structure benefit programs based on budget, and educate employers about benefits. Tools designed to:

  1. Identify the opportunity — Use the Small Business Marketing Guide (GP61050) (PDF) to understand group benefit opportunities in the small business market, identity employers who need group benefits for their employees, approach and work with small business owners, and design a group benefit package with specialized tools.
  2. Compare the benefits package — Work with your clients using the Principal Benefit Design Tool to compare benefits for group dental, long-term disability, short-term disability, life insurance, and retirement. Compare their benefits to similarly sized organizations in their region and industry. This helps your clients know if they're offering competitive benefits that attract and retain employee talent.

    Send the link to your clients or use the tool yourself to get a report for your next meeting.
  3. Work with clients to evaluate sample benefit designs (GP59927LS) (PDF - not for use in Arizona or New Mexico) to determine the fit that will best meet their goals and budget.

Today’s job market is competitive. Using tools like these can help your clients attract, hire, and keep talented employees.

Important Information

For financial professional use only. This summary is not a complete statement of the rights, benefits and limitations of the coverage described here. For cost and coverage details, contact your Principal® representative. 


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