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Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable universal life (VUL) insurance helps high income-earning clients by providing death benefit protection and accumulating value based on market performance. There’s no limit to earnings or loss potential—meaning there’s bigger risk, but with bigger growth potential. It offers long-term savings potential and can be used later on as supplemental retirement income. It can also be used for funding nonqualified executive benefits.

  • Provides flexibility with a more aggressive cash value accumulation strategy
  • Gives clients options to access tax-deferred cash values without penalty
  • Allows the client to set their investment strategy

Choose from these products:

  • Principal Executive Variable Universal Life III – Offers funding for business-owned/sponsored solutions, providing long-term cash value growth. Ideal for employers seeking to attract and retain key employees.
  • Principal Variable Universal Life Income IVSM – Offers long-term market-based cash value growth and efficient income distribution. Ideal for ages 35-55 and high income earners.

Some things clients should consider:

  • There's risk of cash value loss.
  • Premiums can possibly increase.
  • There may be higher fees and charges.

All investments involve risk, including loss of principal. For financial professional use only.


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