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Disability Insurance Illustrations

Providing customized proposals to your clients is an important part of the case development process and can help close the sale.

We have two platforms. One is for use when illustrating Principal® Income Protector, and the other is for illustrating any of our other individual disability insurance (IDI) products.

Income Protector illustrations

  • Web-based system is always up-to-date.
  • Requires login to access. This is the same login used to access other features on this website.
  • Start using the system now: Log in. Once logged in, you can bookmark the page for quicker access in the future.  
  • Get tips on using the system: Illustration User Guide (JJ2351)

Other IDI product illustrations

  • Register to download the software here. 
  • Once registered, the software can be located through Start, Programs, Principal Mktg & Illustrations, Disability Insurance. It may also appear on your desktop as an icon of a file folder with the words Principal Mktg & Illustrations.

You can also have a proposal run by contacting your local sales office or the DI National Sales Desk at 800-654-4278, option 2, 2.

Proposal Request Form

Use this proposal form to help capture necessary information. 


  • TECHelp Line – 800-786-4461 (technology support)
  • DI National Sales Desk – 800-654-4278 option 2, 2 (illustration support)


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