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Help your clients make financial sense of the midterm elections

What matters most to the economy after the election? What should small businesses expect? What about healthcare? There are ways to help clients better prepare their portfolios and budgets based on the outcome at the ballot box.

Answers and insights
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Investment management insights and commentary

Outlook 2019: Economies grow; financial markets struggle

Three themes underlie the evolution of the world economy and financial markets in 2019. First, the economic and monetary policy environment is radically different from any time since 2008. The period from 2008 to mid-2016 was an economic morass: US growth was weak, the world endured a series of financial crises, and there was a

Posted by Bob Baur, Ph.D., Chief Global Economist, Principal Global Investors on November 30, 2018

Short and Sharp: Did I scare you?

First, let me clarify a few of my thoughts: I do expect a US slowdown, but I don’t expect a recession. I do expect a further correction, but I don’t expect a sustained, deep bear market. I do expect US equities to struggle, but I don’t expect all global equities to struggle. My downbeat outlook

Posted by Seema Shah, Global Investment Strategist, Principal Global Investors on November 29, 2018

Making room in your practice for pension plans

The holidays bring memories of family and friends gathering. At our house we believe there’s always room for another seat at the table. In other words, everyone is welcome. This is true in business too. It’s never about just one product, but taking a look at different products and how they can work together. Take for

Posted by Gary Burczek, Vice President of Business Development - Defined Benefit, Principal Securities Registered Representative on November 28, 2018

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