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Retirement plan compliance

Understanding how legislation affects retirement solutions is key to your business. We have several channels to help you and your clients keep up-to-date with the latest legislative and regulatory news.

Compliance news articles are used to share "hot topics" and information that you may want to communicate to your clients immediately. The articles do not have a set publication schedule. Compliance news articles are published within a few days following a release of a new or proposed law or regulation. The quick turn-around gives you an edge in communicating timely information to clients.

Compliance newsletters are a monthly newsletter that summarizes developments and items of interest that have occurred during the month.

Compliance news articles

November 2017:

October 2017:

September 2017:

Compliance newsletters

December 2017

  • PBGC Announced Another 2018 Guarantee
  • DOL Extends Transition Period
  • Treasury Issues Priority Guidance for 2017-2018
  • DOL Finalizes Delay on Disability Regulations

November 2017

  • Hurricane Maria and California Wildfires Relief
  • OregonSaves Impacts Plan Sponsors who file Oregon Unemployment Insurance
  • DB Mortality Update
  • Delay Proposed on Final Disability Regulations
  • 2018 Retirement Plan Dollar Limits
  • PBGC Announced 2018 Levels

October 2017

  • Model amendment wording for bifurcated distributions
  • More hurricane relief announcements
  • PBGC reportable event guidance
  • Pending disaster relief from Congress

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