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Submit Business: Retirement Plans

Start a new plan or move an existing plan to Principal®

If you and your client are ready to open a new retirement plan, or transfer an existing plan to Principal, please complete the Notice of Intent (NOI) form.

Submitting the NOI form will start the implementation process. You're Broker/Dealer or RIA may require additional paperwork. Please review your firm's procedures upon submitting the NOI form.

Submit the NOI form.

What happens after I submit the NOI?

After you submit the NOI, we’ll review the information and send you an email with the contract number for the plan. If we need additional details, your Internal Wholesaler will contact you.

Next we’ll assign a Client Implementation Manager. The Client Implementation Manager will coordinate the entire implementation process with you and your client.  To learn more about the implementation process, please go to our implementation page.  


If you have any questions about submitting the NOI, please call our Advisor Support Team at 800-952-3343 option 2. We’re available from Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. CT.


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