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Life Insurance Quotes & Illustrations

Our Principal Life Illustration System (PLIS) enables you to illustrate new individual life insurance solutions for your clients.

Important note: You can access PLIS with a variety of web browsers, but we recommend Google Chrome for the best experience. Principal Illustration Edge is only available in Internet Explorer. 

Access the system

Illustration Assistance

  • For installation support, call Distribution Technology Support at 800-786-4461, or email them at

  • View the user guide for details on the most commonly used features and functionality.

  • To run illustrations, use the help features within the illustration system. Click the question mark icon next to each input field for help with individual inputs.

  • For additional assistance, contact the National Sales Desk at 800-654-4278.

Business Market Supplemental Reports

Our platform offers a wide range of solutions to help meet the needs of business owners and key employees. PLIS offers some marketing and proposal content through the illustration system itself for the plan types below.

  • Bonus
  • Bonus Plus
  • Split Dollar - Economic Benefit
  • Split Dollar - Loan Regime


Within PLIS, select a product and/or concept after selecting Cases/New from the menu. You can follow the input field “Help” to prepare your report.

In many cases, reports are automatically prepared when a business concept is selected. In other cases, it may be necessary to request these concept illustrations and proposals using the Reports tab on the input screen.

Formal proposals

For a formal, customized marketing proposal prepared by our Business and Advanced Solutions staff, complete the corresponding Request for Proposal form.

Principal Life Quote Edge

Need a quick and easy tool for getting Term premium quotes on the go? Access the Principal Life Quote EdgeSM quoting tool .*

* Please be aware that this tool does not provide a full illustration and is only intended to be used to show an initial quote. It is only available for quoting Principal Term products.

Insurance products issued by Principal National Life Insurance Co (except in NY) and Principal Life Insurance Co. Plan administrative services offered by Principal Life. Principal National and Principal Life are members of the Principal Financial Group®, Des Moines, IA 50392.


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