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Life Insurance Claims

Our Individual Claims division offers empathetic and supportive services to help you and your clients during the claim process. This may be at the time of a death, disability waiver of premium, or an accelerated benefit advance claim.

Death Claims

  1. Submit notification to home office – Use the Death Notice Form or phone or email the following information:
    • Date of death
    • Cause of death
    • Person to whom claim forms were released
    • Place of death if an accident
  1. Provide beneficiaries with Claim Form (DD750)
  2. Obtain a certified death certificate – State law requires certified copies with raised seal or special coloring indicating it is an original (no photocopies accepted)
  3. Complete supplementary forms (if required) – Forms that may be required include:
    • Surviving Children’s Affidavit (DD433) (if beneficiary designation is simply “children”)
    • Proof of death for any predeceased beneficiary. Proof may be a funeral home receipt, a newspaper articles or a death certificate.
  1. If death occurs within the first two years of the policy issue, please notify the Individual Claims division immediately and we will provide the necessary requirements.
  2. Submit notification and a certified copy of the death certificate upon the first death of an insured covered under a Survivorship policy.

Disability Waiver of Premium Claims

  1. Submit notification to home office as soon as possible after the six-month waiting period has elapsed. The home office will send out the necessary claim forms.

Accelerated Benefit Advance Claims

Please contact the Individual Claims division and we will send out the necessary forms as well as a letter of explanation of the benefit.


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