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Prioritizing Business Needs

Business owners often have numerous planning needs—some known and others unknown. So, how do you determine which solutions they need and are most important to them? Using a couple of basic fact finders, you can walk them through it.

Use a short priorities checklist (PDF) (BB9557) to ask some basic questions that will help your clients prioritize their top planning needs. If you prefer something more in-depth, a comprehensive fact finder (DOC) (BB8718C) can also be used to identify areas of need.

For a more comprehensive and interactive approach, use the digital Business Needs Assessment

These and other tools and resources will help you identify solutions to potentially address the financial needs of:

  • The business
  • Its employees
  • The personal lifestyle of the owner(s)

And, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a nonprofit organization, a sole proprietorship, or a farm. These tools and resources can be used with any business.

The Process section below provides step-by-step guidance on how our tools and resources can help you gather pertinent information to suggest potential solutions.

For financial professional information only.


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