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Sales Training - Business Solutions

Business Solutions Master PPT Slides

Use these slides to create a presentation tailored to your audience. Slides can be used in any order. Just be sure to include the title slide and disclosure as the first two slides of any presentation you create.

Business Owner Research client presentation (DI9430)

Use this presentation to walk through 2022 survey findings and get business owners thinking about their own priorities and planning needs. You may choose the slides you want to include as long as you keep the first (title) and last (disclosure) slides in any presentation you create.

Business Owner Decision Grids

Not sure exactly which solutions are right for your clients? These will help you narrow down the options.

3 sales ideas in 15 minutes webinar series

Hear our regional directors of business solutions (Tom Bates, Don Cooper, Jack Leavy, and Michelle Tish) present a variety of business market solutions.

This playlist houses all of the 3 in 15 webinars. Below are the topics covered in each webinar:



  • Using a complimentary Informal Business Valuation and Buy-Sell Review
  • Uncovering opportunities through a case study
  • Making the sale



  • Key person coverage and updated calculator for life and disability insurance
  • Buy-sell case study using the Business Solutions Enhanced Underwriting Program
  • S corporation retirement solution and financial modeling


  • Key person insurance and how life insurance offers benefits as funding option
  • Loan split dollar solutions and strategies that can help offer great tax leverage
  • Full-service plan and policy administration for business and supplemental retirement cases


  • Recent business owner survey findings and the solutions Principal offers
  • Executive bonus plans to attract and retain and how to initiate the conversation with owners
  • Business succession planning and the three questions to ask to engage owners in planning


  • The Principal Select Buy-Out PlanSM and how it helps business owners efficiently transfer their business to their child or a key employee
  • Principal® Guaranteed Issue Term, a funding option winning cases—and how our enhanced implementation process makes it even easier
  • The broad suite of Principal underwriting offerings that will help you get a competitive offer quickly no matter the type of case


  • The significant need for business succession planning from guest speaker Mark West, National VP-Business Solutions at Principal
  • A case study on helping a family-owned business meet several key planning needs
  • Personally owned life insurance design options


  • Three benefit restoration ideas—retirement income, disability income, and life insurance
  • New Guaranteed Issue Term parameters
  • Case studies


  • Guaranteed Issue Term and existing plan opportunities
  • A year-end solution for S corporation owners
  • How Principal makes it easy to sell life and individual disability income insurance together


  • Failed 401(k) testing and new sales opportunities
  • Selling from an employer census
  • Upgrading group Term sales with supplemental life insurance


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