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Life Insurance Directories – Existing Business

Principal® provides you with consultative support before, during and AFTER the sale.

Mailing Addresses

  • Regular mailing address: P.O. Box 10431, Des Moines, IA 50306-0431
  • Overnight mailing address: 711 High Street IDPC-A1-N20, Des Moines, 50392-4510

Business Market Administration

Call 800-654-4278, option 2, 1, 2, 4 or use the extension below of your executive benefit administrator.

  • Brad Baack, x56434
  • Candice Bundt, x70670
  • Dave Carter, x34405
  • Craig Grundmeier, x51139
  • Tammi Hardie, x88422
  • Janea Johnson, x55874

Matt Arndt, Assistant Director, x89451
Dave Kingery, Assistant Technical Director, x22521


Fax: 866-894-2096
E-mail:  IndClaims@exchange.principal.com

  • JoAnn Dorrian, Asst. Life Claim Analyst – Waiver Claims
  • Dana Fenner, Asst. Life Claim Analyst – Death Claims
  • Angela Irons, Claim Examiner – Death Claims
  • Lainie Peterson, Life Claim Analyst – Waiver Claims
  • Colleen Schneider, Sr. Account Manager – Death and Waiver Claims
  • Stan Trevino, Claim Examiner – Death Claims
  • Audra Wheatley, Life Claim Analyst – Death Claims
  • Steve Zonca, Claim Assistant

Sheila Sandy, Asst. Claims Director, 515-235-9792

Client Relations

Call 800-654-4278 plus the extension below
Fax: 855-596-8336

  • Diane Franks, x89455
  • Chris Koranda, x35297
  • John R. Williams, x89460
  • Audra Wheatley, x70686

Mandy Reed, Assistant Director, x89453

Field Relations

  • Judy Nelson, x75480
  • Amanda Sparks, x79984

Mandy Reed, Assistant Director, x89453

Post-Sale Service 

For existing business needs, call 800-654-4278, options 4, 2.
Fax: 866-885-0390
Email: IndLifeService@exchange.principal.com 


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