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Property & Casualty

Property and casualty (P&C) agencies are often searching for new reasons to reach out to their existing clients. And they know that some of their customers have unfulfilled risk protection needs.

So why aren’t they offering to fill these needs? Well, without in-house experts on life and disability insurance — or retirement and succession planning — they may not know how.

That's where you come in. You can help P&C agencies deliver the additional products and services that will strengthen their customer relationships — and everyone’s bottom line!

  • Resources Kit (KIT4369)
    Provides all the tools and materials you need to build successful relationships with P&C agencies. Select "View" below to see a list of kit contents.
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The opportunity for you

Opportunity Presentation (BB12009)
See the benefits of a potential partnership between you and a P&C agency, and get tips for making it happen.
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Opportunity Guide (BB11976)
Get need-to-know information and strategies about building an effective relationship with P&C agencies.
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Opportunity Email (LF693)
This offers a high-level look at the benefits of a P&C partnership and how we can help.
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P&C approach eKit (LF828)
Share this eKit with advisors to help them learn about the opportunity that can come from working with P&C advisors and their existing client base. The eKit includes links to key marketing materials to them get started.
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P&C Revenue Calculator

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  • P&C Sample Revenue Opportunity Calculator Output (BB10522)
    Use sample to review default values for input and output pages of calculator.
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When you're ready to approach P&C firms, don't forget to put your business plan in place. If you're interested in developing a plan, please contact:

Annette T. Young, Assistant Consulting Director  Business and Advanced Solutions

The opportunity for the P&C firm

Agency Approach Email (LF694)
Use this email to help demonstrate how offering additional risk protection solutions can benefit P&C agencies.
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Approach Brochure (BB11975C)
Use this customizable brochure to approach P&C firms and let them know partnering with you will provide more opportunities for their clients and business.
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Tools for commercial and personal lines

To discuss your research and approach strategies in the P&C market, please contact:

Annette T. Young, Assistant Consulting Director —  Business and Advanced Solutions


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