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Streamline the claims filing process with digital tools from Principal


It’s important for your clients to always have access to the most convenient and up-to-date claims filing options and forms. And it’s now easier than ever with online tools from Principal®. We encourage you to provide your clients with links to either the online claim or e-signature forms. This is the most efficient and preferred method that all customers will benefit from, versus sending file attachments that may not be the most recent versions. And we’ve made this process even easier—keep reading to find a step-by-step guide on how to keep your clients informed.
How should claims be submitted? 

For group disability insurance (STD, LTD, life waiver), life insurance (GTL, VTL), hospital indemnity, PFML, and Wellness: 

  • The employer and employee will want to log in to principal.com* and complete the online claim form.
  •  For disability insurance, life waiver, and PFML, the doctor can also complete the online claim form. If they prefer, they can complete and submit the e-signature attending physician's statement for disability and life waiver. 
  • Documents can be uploaded when filing online. 
  • Allow 10 to 15 minutes to complete the online form as your work isn't saved.

For all other group products:

  • Clients can complete the following e-signature forms: 
  • Documents can be uploaded when submitting the e-sign form. 
  • Allow 10 to 15 minutes to complete the claim form, but clients will have the option to save their progress and come back to it later. 
  • The employer and employee should each click on the e-form link, complete their portion of the claim form, fill in their electronic signature, and then select “Click to Sign.“ Once they hit “Click to Sign,” the form is sent directly back to the claims department to begin processing. Clients will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the form they completed. 
  • The employee can either email the claim form link or download and print the e-signature form to give to their doctor.
  • To download an e-signature form, open the form, click “Options,” and select “Download PDF.” The form can then be saved and printed.

Where can these forms be found? 

We’ve made it easy and convenient for clients to find these forms on principal.com. Please direct them to the following pages:

What other e-signature forms are available?

The following forms are also easily accessible on principal.com:

Enhancements to member website have begun.

Beginning the week of February 5, members started seeing upgrades when signing into their principal.com account for group disability insurance (STD and LTD), life insurance (GTL and VTL), and PFML.

Highlights include:

  • An interactive timeline to help STD and LTD members understand their coverage and benefits.
  • Form links for online and e-sign claim forms, plus several other e-sign forms they may need for their claim.
  • Claim statuses that will show as in progress, approved, or denied.
  • Claim information that will be viewable for Life and Life waiver claims.

STD was the first to transition, and you’ll continue to see these changes over the next several weeks for LTD, GTL, and VTL, and PFML. 

Direct your clients to the employer help page or employee help page with any questions they may have about claims filing.

* If the employer and employee sign into their Principal account prior to completing the online claim form, some information may automatically pull in for them. 


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