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New Principal Term NY


10-, 15-, 20- and 30-Year Term transition guidelines

We’re excited to announce that on April 9, 2018, we’ll be introducing a new Principal Term product for the state of New York. This new product brings enhanced conversion options and reduced Term rates for many of our ages and risk classes.

April 9, 2018

  • All new Term applications received in the home office on this date or after will automatically receive the new Term product. A request for the new product is not needed.
  • We’ll accept requests for Term 2016 until May 9, 2018. Simply note this request on a cover letter or transmittal.

Cases pending on April 9, 2018

  • Applications in underwriting will be issued with the Term policy that they originally applied for, unless the new Term 2018 product is specifically requested.
  • If the new Term 2018 product is specifically requested, no new application or quotation is required.
    • Notify your home office contact of the requested change.
    • Indicate if the Conversion Extension Rider is desired.

Policies still within the examination period (COD, offer or shortage)

If the new Term 2018 rates are desired:

  • Simply indicate Term 2018 with the delivery requirements, return the original policy and submit the correct premium amount.
  • If the new Conversion Extension Rider is requested, a new application must be submitted, and you must note the request for the rider on a cover letter or transmittal.
  • Once a new policy is issued, it will be mailed to the producer to deliver to the client along with any applicable delivery requirements, which must be signed and returned.


Backdating is allowed back to the date of state approval to save age.

State approvals

All states have approved the new Principal Term rates as of April 2018.

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