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Client Workshops – Retirement Planning

Workshop marketing is a great strategy to generate new prospects and reengage with your clients.

These topics are appropriate for those nearing or in retirement.

Topic/Description PowerPoint Support Materials
A new way to extend retirement savings - How qualifying longevity annuity contracts allow individuals to extend retirement savings and defer a portion of RMDs. RF2196
(13 slides)
Getting the most from Social Security - How your benefits are calculated, options for taking them and strategies to maximize your benefits. MM4787Q
(17 slides)
Hello, retirement! - For those getting ready to retire, discusses estimating retirement expenses and income, paying for healthcare, turning savings into income and creating a spending plan. PT498A
(36 slides;
slide 31 optional)
Life your best life - creating income for your retirement - This client workshop is focused on retirement income strategies. It simplifies three common withdrawal strategies so clients have a better understanding of the importance of creating a retirement income strategy, the pros and cons of the different strategies and what might work for them. RF2348
(31 slides)
Medicare: What you don't know and what it could cost you -  Why Medicare planning is a critical component of your retirement plan, the nuts and bolts of Parts A, B, C and D, and  how to make better-informed decisions. MM5944
(24 slides)
Your life and your money in retirement – For those at the moment of retirement – two years away, currently transitioning to or even living in, retirement. Highlights strategies and action steps retirees can take to feel more confident transitioning to retirement and emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between guaranteed and non-guaranteed products. The workshop can be a lead-in to retirement income conversations with your clients. RF2108B
(31 slides)

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