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Client Workshops – Financial Planning

Workshop marketing is a great strategy to generate new prospects and reengage with your clients.

These topics appeal to a variety of life stages. Some are tailored for a niche audience while others are wide-ranging. When choosing a topic or deciding who to invite once you’ve selected one, keep your audience’s needs in mind.

Topics for Individuals

Topic/Description PowerPoint Support Materials
Debt reduction - Discusses the "real" cost of one's debt and how it can be taken control of in order to have more for retirement savings.

(11 slides)

Financial wellness - Provides tips on how to improve your financial well-being.

BB11946 (51 slides)

Protect what matters most: Life insurance made simple - Get clients and prospects to better understand life insurance, how it can help them protect what matters most and put them on the path to a more secure future.

(16 slides)

Taking a financial selfie - Provides an introductory look at strategies consumers can use to help meet their financial goals.

(47 slides)
Women and finances - Offers strategies for managing cash flow and debt, saving and investing for the future, and protecting what matters most.

(47 slides)

Workplace Financial Wellness (for employees) - Highlights how employees can maximize employer-provided benefits, plan for their financial future and protect against the unexpected. BB11781
(15 slides)

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