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New Business Directories – Life Insurance

The Principal provides you with consultative support before, during and after the sale.

Business Market Administration

Call 800-654-4278, option 4, 2, 3 or use the extension below of your executive benefit administrator.

Matt Arndt, Director, x89451, Arndt.Matt@principal.com
Dave Kingery, Assistant Technical Director, x22521, Kingery.Dave@principal.com

Life New Business/Underwriting

Call 800-654-4278, options 3, 2.

Sales Support  

Call 800-654-4278 or contact your regional sales support person directly. 

Life Part B

  • To immediately complete the interview, call 888-835-3277, option 2.
  • To schedule an interview, call 888-835-3277, option 1

For questions, contact your home office case manager or call 800-654-4278.


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