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Principal Securities Brokerage Accounts offer investment flexibility and convenient access

Offer clients investment flexibility and convenient access to their assets and account information with Principal Securities Brokerage Accounts.

Principal Securities Brokerage Accounts offer:

A large universe of investment options including mutual funds (load and no-load), stocks, closed-end funds, ETFs, bonds, CDs, UITs, and options.

Several account types allowed including Individual, Joint, Custodial, IRA, ROTH, 529 Plan, SEP, SIMPLE, 401K, Trust, Corporate, Estate, TOD, Profit Sharing, and Non-Corporate.

Convenience through 24/7 single-view online access to all investment details, performance and reporting; access to invested assets with streamlined statement and tax information; and simple asset transfer options.

As a representative, you can benefit from offering Principal Securities Brokerage Accounts:

  • Robust investment options to enhance your selling power
  • Quick commission payout
  • Seamless servicing of client assets


Your clients can benefit from Principal Securities Brokerage Accounts:

  • Convenient options with 24/7 access to invested assets
  • Competitive fees
  • Time-saving consolidation


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