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Affiliation Discount

The Affiliation Discount1 allows you to offer individual Disability Income (DI) insurance with a 10% discount when individuals share these common affiliations:

  • Families with at least three income earning adults that purchase DI coverage from Principal Life Insurance Company®
  • Three or more Form 1099 contractors from the same business entity/firm2
  • Three or more franchise owners under the same nationally recognized franchisor who are actively working in the business2,3 (can also include one key employee)
  • Spouses of employees (does not require three lives) who are part of a Principal Life multi-life case

1 Discount may not be available in all states. Not available in California.

2 Not available to doctors (M.D., D.O.), physician’s assistants, psychiatrists, nurses (RN or LPN), nurse practitioners, CRNAs, nurse anesthetists, or other hospital/medical workers. Spouses can work in the medical field, but cannot be 1099 contractors.

3 Not available to owners or a key employee of home-based or route sales franchises or investors.


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