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Why should you talk to clients about a QLAC?

If you have clients who need to start taking distributions from their qualifying assets, but they don’t yet want or need the income, there’s a way you can help. Talk to them about how a qualifying longevity annuity contract (QLAC) can help them:

  1. Defer distributions and decrease current RMDs
  2. Reduce current taxable income
  3. Create future lifetime income that may enhance financial security later in life

Our new comprehensive QLAC brochure, Help ensure you have income long after you retire (RF2382) helps explain what a QLAC is, and how it can help your clients. Copies are available from virtual supply and are approved for use with clients.

For more information about QLACs: Principal Annuities and income Solutions, 866-309-1623.


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