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Principal IUL Accumulation II approved in Florida


Great news: Beginning September 3, 2019, you can offer Principal Indexed Universal Life Accumulation II℠ (IUL Accumulation II) to Florida residents. 

Help clients put a little life in their retirement plan with this updated product. It offers valuable death benefit protection with attractive growth potential—so your clients can retire with a little more tax-free1 income. 

What's new?

  • New High Cap index-linked account - Offers greater growth potential
  • Updated high early cash surrender value rider - Helps businesses get a balance sheet boost
  • Increased Accumulated Value Enhancement - Credits a guaranteed 0.75% to net accumulated value in policy years 11+2

What else makes this product stand out?

  • Simple, transparent design offers realistic illustrations you can present confidently.
  • Time-saving Principal Accelerated UnderwritingSM can get applicants approved in as little as 24 hours.3
  • Innovative automated income platform helps maximize distributions and protect against unplanned taxes.

Visit our IUL Accumulation II website to learn more.

1 Distributions are generally tax-free if cost basis is withdrawn first, then loans are taken, and the policy is in force until death.
2 As long as Fixed Account crediting rate exceeds 2.00%
3 Accelerated Underwriting is an expedited underwriting program offered by Principal Life Insurance Company that eliminates paramed exams and lab tests for 45-55% of applicants who qualify based on age, product, face amount, and personal history.


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