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Financial protection for when accidents happen

We all know accidents happen. They’re inevitable – and resulting injuries can be expensive. That’s why Principal added accident insurance to our group product portfolio. Accident insurance can be sold along with critical illness or any other group product as a supplemental benefit to help round out an employer’s benefit package.

It’s a great way for your clients to provide a benefit that helps employees be more financially prepared to handle the expenses of accidental injuries, like burns, concussions, dislocations, fractures, tendon/ligament/rotator cuff injuries and more.

Our accident insurance offers a simplified design that’s unlike other accident coverages. While other products have a long list of covered services, tests and treatments, including hospitalization, we’ve built those in to our lump-sum injury benefit amounts, making it faster and easier – with less paperwork – for employees at claim time.

Benefits are paid directly to employees regardless of other insurance or actual expenses incurred, and can be used any way they’re needed to help pay expenses like medical deductibles and copayments; transportation, food and lodging; child care; and home healthcare needs.

What are some key features of Principal accident insurance?

  • Available for groups with as few as 5 enrolled employees or 10% participation, whichever is greater.
  • Proof of good health is never required.
  • Offers a simplified design, minimal paperwork and quick claims.
  • Employees can buy protection for their spouse and/or kids.
  • Can include accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), wellness and portability.
  • All Principal coverages are on one enrollment form or online enrollment, with one combined online bill for employers.

Visit the accident page for sales ideas, available materials and more.



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