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Create new sales opportunities with the 2018 risk protection campaign

Want to help clients ensure their risk protection needs are met while strengthening your relationships? We have a new campaign that can help you do just that.

This initiative will target existing life insurance clients who may have experienced life changes that would motivate them to increase their face amount, purchase additional life insurance or purchase disability insurance.

How will the campaign work?

  • April 2018: You’ll receive an email later this month if you have clients that have been identified as good prospects.
  • May 2018: We’ll send a letter directly to clients next month, encouraging them to contact you to review their current and future risk protection needs.

Which clients will be targeted?

We’re focusing on your group of clients who meet the following criteria and who the model identifies as having a high likelihood to need and purchase additional protection:

  • Ages 25-69
  • Have a Term, Perm (non-secondary guarantee) or disability insurance policy that is 3-10 years old
  • Have held multiple Principal accounts for three years or more
  • Were originally underwritten as Super Preferred, Preferred, Super Standard or Standard (with no table ratings) for their underwriting classification

What happens next?

We’ll email you in May if any of your clients are selected for the campaign. Then, a few days before we reach out to your clients, you’ll get another email with:

  • A list of your clients who will receive a letter from us*
  • A copy of the client letter
  • An email template you can use to follow up with clients

For more information, contact your sales desk representative.

*The client list information will also be added into Salesforce for your convenience. We realize many of you may not be actively using Salesforce but this may be an opportunity to test it out.

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