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The latest news on deferred comp – resources to help you open business doors

Sometimes it’s more powerful for employers to hear from other employers and participants about the value of a nonqualified deferred compensation plan.  Our latest research showing 2016 results confirms that employers count on this benefit to help recruit, reward, retain – and most importantly, retire – their key employees. So start conversations with employers about deferred comp using the resources below.

Hit the ground running with our new report

At the top of the list is the most current Trends in Nonqualified Deferred Compensation white paper. It details employers’ and key employees’ experiences and viewpoints about their Principal® deferred comp plan. Or if you’d rather use flyers that visually highlight these findings for employers and key employees, we’ve got those, too!

Use facts to get – and keep – employers’ attention. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in these tools:

  • Employers are big on deferred comp plans for these top reasons:
    • Help participants save for retirement in excess of qualified plan limits – 91%
    • Provide a competitive benefits package when recruiting key employees – 90%
    • Retain key employees – 83%

Two out of three employers are concerned about their top talent having enough income during retirement. And another 67% have concerns over losing their leaders to competitors. They value deferred comp in helping with these issues, in addition to helping them compete for talent against bigger companies in a competitive job market.

  • For key employees, deferred comp is important in their decisions to:
    • Reach retirement goals – 73%
    • Take a job with a new employer – 60%
    • Stay with a current employer – 47%

Plus, about 20% of participants are counting on this benefit to provide 25% or more of their retirement income. And 67% would recommend participating in the plan to other eligible employees.

And that’s just the beginning

Check out these other deferred comp resources:

Have questions? Contact John Laurenzo at 515-248-8715 or laurenzo.john@principal.com.


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