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How to submit annuity business

We’re happy to help you submit your annuity business.

If this is your first submission with Principal, be sure you’ve completed a client illustration and have read through our Getting Started page.

  1. Create an application using the Create-an-App online application packet tool to ensure you have all the necessary and state-appropriate paperwork.
    1. If this submission is to replace life insurance or another annuity, make sure you are in compliance with replacement guidelines (login required).
  2. Complete the initial application and other required forms. Our variable annuity processing guide can walk you through the application page-by-page. (login required to access) Our annuity sales desk is also available to help answer your questions: 866-309-1623.
  3. Submit the application for processing.

    All annuity applications may be emailed, faxed or sent by mail.



    Principal Financial Group
    711 High Street
    Des Moines, IA 50392

    Many forms of payment* are accepted; checks should be made payable to Principal Life Insurance Company or Principal Financial Group.

    • Personal checks
    • Bank checks
    • Official checks
    • Cashier’s checks
    • Bank certified checks
    • Bank courtesy checks (with compliance approval)
    • MoneyGram (with compliance approval)
    • Treasurer checks (IRS or state)
    • Endorsed checks from another entity of Principal payable to the client
    • Starter checks (for trust-owned contracts only – with compliance approval)
    • Endorsed third party checks from a trust
    • Automatic deduction from client savings or checking

    *Payment is not required upon submission of app.

  4. Review policy and delivery receipts. Delivery receipts are sometimes required by state and give clients the opportunity to reject a contract during their "free look" period/receive a refund (amount varies by product) on the contract. If you’re the party responsible for delivering the contract to the client, you must:
    1. Explain the “free look” period outlined in the contract
    2. Review the contract and answer any questions
    3. Have the contract owner sign the delivery receipt
    4. Return the delivery receipt to Principal by emailing it to AnnuityProcessing@principal.com



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