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Your Local Sales and Account Management Leaders

As your local sales and account management leaders, we work together with your Principal representative – aligning goals and strategies – to help you deliver a consistent, seamless experience for clients, from pre-sale to post-sale.

Our role is to support the strong relationship built between you and your sales representative and account executive, who will continue to be your primary contact and resource.

Mike KelleyMike Kelley
Regional Sales Manager
Serves in a leadership role with the sales representative, helps create new relationships and growth strategies, and builds local awareness of Principal solutions.
Barbara McCaffreyBarbara McCaffrey
Director Sales Support and Account Management
A local liaison with the home office and strategy builder for the region. Leads the teams responsible for providing support for the sales process and existing accounts.

Industry Insights

Drive participation with personalized online enrollment

Offer tools that serve up tailored benefit recommendations

Industry InsightsThings have changed since the days of one-size-fits-all benefit offerings. Sure, it may have seemed efficient at the time, but that approach was actually inside-out. It came down to the carrier/broker/employer saying to the employee, “Here’s what we offer – take it or leave it.”

It’s time to think outside-in, to consider how best to meet the needs of the employee, and make it simple. After all, employees are benefit consumers. And consumers expect their purchasing experiences to be relevant to them, personalized in a way that makes decisions easier.

Consider Amazon.com, the classic example of a site that gets it. Amazon serves up recommendations based on what they’ve learned about you.

It’s similar to how you build relationships with your clients. You get to know them, discover what their needs are, and then shape recommendations based on that information. You make your clients’ decisions easier by personalizing their choices. The same is possible for how employees – the true end-users of the products we recommend – enroll in benefits. There are new, innovative tools available to personalize enrollment.

What is personalized online enrollment?

Like the Amazon.com example, it’s comparable to the online shopping experience today’s consumers expect. The employee gets an email with a link, logs in to a tool, answers a quick set of questions about their wants and needs, and is then served up tailored benefit recommendations.

4 big advantages of personalized online enrollment

Enrollment tools that result in a more customized result for employees can provide plenty of important advantages. Using a personalized enrollment tool with employees can help:

  1. Boost enrollment participation – Employees are looking for help in making their benefit decisions, and convenient, online decision support that leads to custom offerings can build employee engagement.
  2. Enhance decision-making – Personalized recommendations help employees make smart, informed decisions. And that means the decisions are more likely to stick. It’s no-regrets benefit shopping.
  3. Offer the familiarity of online shopping – An experience that mirrors other online shopping experiences will be familiar to many employees, helping to streamline the enrollment process.
  4. Employers remain competitive – The job market can be competitive, and employers need to follow suit, with systems that make life easier for employees and benefits that help recruit and retain the best of the best.

In short, personalized online enrollment tools help drive benefit participation and simplify the enrollment experience. And recommending solutions that offer important advantages to employers and employees helps position you as a benefit expert your clients can trust.


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