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Your Local Sales and Account Management Leaders

As your local sales and account management leaders, we work together with your Principal representative – aligning goals and strategies – to help you deliver a consistent, seamless experience for clients, from pre-sale to post-sale.

Our role is to support the strong relationship built between you and your sales representative and account executive, who will continue to be your primary contact and resource.

Mike KelleyMike Kelley
Regional Sales Manager
Serves in a leadership role with the sales representative, helps create new relationships and growth strategies, and builds local awareness of Principal solutions.
Barbara McCaffreyBarbara McCaffrey
Director Sales Support and Account Management
A local liaison with the home office and strategy builder for the region. Leads the teams responsible for providing support for the sales process and existing accounts.

Industry Insights

Faces of the business owner

Using insights to help broaden your focus on client needs

Group at white boardWe tend to think of our business owner clients with the faces they present today. That’s important in recommending benefit solutions to meet their needs.

What’s even more important, though, is recognizing where they want their businesses to go. Understanding their aspirations gives us a glimpse into the solutions they may need in the future. And it allows us to be proactive, addressing their needs at the right time.

It’s this kind of expertise that will demonstrate your value as a trusted advisor.

What insights do business owners offer?

Let’s take a look at some insights owners of new, growing and established businesses shared in the Principal® 2017 business owner market study.1 Because knowing what matters most to business owners can help you serve them better and guide your conversations to their priorities.

Top 5 priorities

What they think about benefits

Conversations about adding benefits are easier to have when the business owner sees the value. Owners of new (75%) and growing (64%) businesses are more likely to say benefits packages improve employee retention. When it comes to offering benefits, they get it. But for owners of established businesses, the numbers go down to 57%.

Take time to help clients understand the advantages of offering employee benefits.

How they prioritize benefits

Growing businesses rank non-medical benefits #4 in priority behind business protection, income protection, and health and wellness solutions. That doesn’t mean they’re any less important. It makes sense business owners want to protect the business they’ve built and the paycheck they earn from the business.

Help clients make sure their benefits evolve along with the growth of their business.

What drives benefit decisions

Budget availability is a top driver of employee benefit decisions for all business stages. But voluntary benefits fall way down on the list of priorities – #9 for new and growing businesses and #10 for established.

Talk with clients about how voluntary benefits can help them manage their benefit budget.

What’s keeping them from planning for the health of their business

Over 40% of owners of new businesses say lack of contact from a financial professional keeps them from planning for the health of their business. And they may not have a need – or think they have a need – for the products and services you offer today.

Keep in contact with clients about benefits to ensure they look to you when the time is right.

Close to one-third of growing and established business owners say they’re too busy with today’s challenges.

Think about what you can do to break through their busy schedules. What value-adds and services can you offer that simplify the benefit process?

Where’s the greatest opportunity for you?

If you haven’t already, broaden your focus to include new businesses. New business owners are optimistic. In fact, 94% are confident in meeting their goals for business growth by adding employees. But only 19% of new business owners – compared to over 40% of growing and established businesses – use a financial professional for their business. That spells opportunity for you.

Connect with new business owners early and keep in touch so they look to you when the time is right to add employee benefits.

Work with your clients to envision a path to the future, from where they see themselves now – what they prioritize – to the face they want to present as their business advances to the next stage.

1 2017 Principal Financial Group Business Owner Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive. The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive and included 1,005 online interviews conducted in January 2017. Respondents were segmented by business lifecycle, with the top three made up of 62 new, 326 growing and 495 established business owners. Interviews were conducted using our Harris Interactive Small Business Panel. Results were weighted for company size based on the number of employees, entity type and annual sales. Potential respondents for this survey were selected from among those who have agreed to participate in Harris Interactive surveys. Because the sample is based on those who agreed to be invited to participate, no estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.


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