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Your Local Sales and Account Management Leaders

As your local sales and account management leaders, we work together with your Principal representative – aligning goals and strategies – to help you deliver a consistent, seamless experience for clients, from pre-sale to post-sale.

Our role is to support the strong relationship built between you and your sales representative and account executive, who will continue to be your primary contact and resource.

Mike KelleyMike Kelley
Regional Sales Manager
Serves in a leadership role with the sales representative, helps create new relationships and growth strategies, and builds local awareness of Principal solutions.
Barbara McCaffreyBarbara McCaffrey
Director Sales Support and Account Management
A local liaison with the home office and strategy builder for the region. Leads the teams responsible for providing support for the sales process and existing accounts.

Industry Insights

Coverages that go hand-in-hand

Core and supplemental make great benefit companions

Core and supplemental make great benefit companions

True or false? Your benefit conversations don’t begin with supplemental benefits. If you’re like most of us, that’s probably true. Supplemental coverages like accident and critical illness aren’t generally your conversation-starter.

But that doesn’t mean they’re less important than core benefits like life, disability and medical. In fact, tacking on supplemental coverages as an afterthought is an approach it may be time to rethink. While they’re not the foundation of a benefit package, they shouldn’t be relegated to second-class status.

In fact, supplemental benefits can play a big role in a holistic benefit offering when they’re implemented the right way.


Everything but the kitchen sink?

Thinking about recommending supplemental products to a client? First and foremost, make sure you have a defined strategy that’s based on what you know about their needs and objectives.

Then, make a well-rounded recommendation that doesn’t include everything but the kitchen sink, and instead is a thoughtful proposal encompassing benefits that accomplish the client’s goals. Sometimes, that means supplemental products are a great option for the client. In other cases, they’re not. Without the defined strategy, it’s difficult to know.

An opportunity vs. an obstacle

“We already offer medical and disability.” If this line sounds familiar, you’re not alone. The trick is to view the pushback as an opportunity to start the conversation, not an obstacle.

Sure, medical and disability are core benefits your clients likely offer. But while medical insurance helps cover traditional medical expenses and disability insurance helps replace lost income, there’s still a gap – out-of-pocket costs. And they can be overwhelming. Expenses like deductibles, travel costs, childcare, home healthcare – even everyday bills.

That’s where supplemental benefits come in. They can be an important part of that holistic benefit offering we talked about earlier.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

  • Your client already offers employer-paid disability. But they want to take it a step further and create a more comprehensive package for employees. One that helps cover those sometimes unexpected, occasionally staggering out-of-pocket costs. What’s an affordable way to give employees more of what they need? Add voluntary accident coverage to the mix.
  • Or maybe you have a client who provides employees with high-deductible medical coverage. Again, there are some expenses this kind of plan doesn’t cover. Adding accident and critical illness can help fill those coverage gaps and help employees manage what they spend.

Incorporating supplemental products with core benefit solutions can result in an enhanced, comprehensive benefit package both employers and their employees need – and want. 


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