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New Data from The Principal Shows an Upswing in Client Wage Growth

Retirement-client data from The Principal shows that our wage growth continues to be well ahead of U.S. government surveys and that broad wage growth may finally be starting to accelerate. Principal Global Investors’ economists’ research confirms this upswing; in fact, our latest data show wages up 3.8%. Additionally, our employment and wage data confirms improvement in the labor market and, from our view, the market is strong enough for the

Posted by Robin Anderson, Ph.D., Senior Economist, Principal Global Investors on October 6, 2015


Financial Advisor Blogs: Minimizing Your Time, Maximizing Your Opportunities

Blogging has to be one of my favorite activities. For me, it just doesn’t feel like work. I’m simply transcribing conversations I’ve already had with financial advisors, small business owners and sales professionals about using social media and posting it online for anyone to read. To me, that’s the beauty of blogging. You’re sharing your

Posted by Jon Ferchen - Managing Communications Strategist, Principal Financial Group on October 6, 2015


September Jobs Report – Breaking Down the Disappointing Report

The September jobs report was disappointing with only 142,000 jobs created and downward revisions to the August report. In addition to the weak payroll numbers, wages were flat and the labor force participation rate fell. The question is what is behind this report and what it will mean to the Fed and their decision whether

Posted by Robin Anderson, Ph.D., Senior Economist, Principal Global Investors on October 5, 2015

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