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Top 5 Social Media Sites for Financial Advisors: #3 Facebook

If you’re a newcomer to my blog, I’ve been breaking down my list of top five social media sites for financial advisors, small business owners and sales professionals. My criteria: your (business) opportunity versus time/cost spent. Maybe you are off the social media fence – but still not sure which social media sites to use

Posted by Jon Ferchen - Managing Communications Strategist, Principal Financial Group on September 1, 2015


Avoiding a Pension Risk Management Apocalypse

Placing money into a secure vault has long been equated with safety. Cautious individuals have used this approach for centuries, accepting zero gross returns in exchange for protection against loss of principal. And although the thesaurus suggests “vault” and “safe” are synonyms, the strategy can be anything but, sometimes blowing up with apocalyptic destructive power.

Posted by Mike Clark, Consulting Actuary, the Principal Financial Group on August 31, 2015


Profiting from Liquidity-Driven Disturbances

Over the course of the last week’s market volatility, I’ve found myself looking past the fundamental explanations for the market actions. Instead, I’ve focused on a number of liquidity events that I find are more intriguing explanations of what’s been happening. For example, you had China’s downward movement amplified by margin calls. In a way,

Posted by Jim McCaughan, CEO, Principal Global Investors on August 31, 2015

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